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ABB Nashik Factory visit was arranged with great efforts and extensive planning by Hon. Director Mr. S.V. Iyer and Mr. Immanuel P. Sales Director of ABB Ltd which was conducted on 24th May 2019. Altogether, 22 LFM and Patron Members of CEEAMA from Mumbai and Pune attended ABB Nashik Factory. This visit was arranged for Mumbai centric CEEAMA members and ABB has now offered to arrange one more visit for Pune centric members.

ABB Factory is spread over five acres. This facility is equipped with smart manufacturing features, processes and assets, capable of relaying real-time data and web-based integrated traceability system for daily planning and review. There are state of art onsite digital screens at various sections which provide information and thus there is transparency across the factory and its products between all ABB setups on world map.

Initially CEEAMA team was introduced to ABB safety requirements and predefined evacuation processes under any emergency.

CEEAMA team then visited manufacturing unit which includes compact substations, medium voltage products like vacuum interrupters, circuit breakers, ring main units, air insulated switchgear.

The MV Busbar temperature monitoring system introduced by ABB recently and Arc flash sensors for mounting inside MV switchgear chambers was a also a novelty to many members.

Later, CEEAMA team visited their new facility which manufactures outdoor products for substations like live tank vacuum-circuit breaker, auto reclosers and indoor ones like Gas-insulated switchgear. Getting detail information about GIS was a novelty to most of the members. The auto reclosers are used on overhead power distribution systems to detect and interrupt momentary faults and to improve uptime of the system. The gas-insulated switchgear (GIS), which occupy up to 45 percent less space than air insulated switchgears, freeing up space for power distribution and is getting popular across industrial sectors and public use by utilities.

CEEAMA team was satisfied visiting the best in class smart facility manufacturing products acceptable in Indian as well as international market.

ESENNNAR Transformers has organised “Technical Seminar” on Distribution and Power Transformer on 24th November 2017 at Tarawade Clark’s Inn, Pune. The seminar was organized with support of CEEAMA for Electrical Consultants.

Seminar was indented to provide a platform for exchange of best practices in the implementation of IS 1180 from Bureau of Indian Standard for Distribution transformers, technical topics of Solar Inverter duty Transformer and CRT Transformer.

In all 62 persons attended the Seminar.

Digitalization has been a buzz word for quite some time now & each one is keen to know how it will revolutionize industry process and standards. Global technology leader, Siemens has already set a firm footprint in Digitalization by setting up its first ever Digital Factory at their Kalwa works in India.

With an objective to increase awareness of their partners and stakeholders on Digitalization, Siemens had organized Digital factory visit for M/s. CEEAMA, Maharashtra on 17th Nov’17. Thanks to Mr. S.V. Iyer, Hon. Member, CEEAMA committee & Mr. Rajesh Mangtani, Business Development Manager, Siemens who took the lead to arrange this visit, a total of 31 CEEAMA members from multiple locations of Maharashtra joined for this visit.

Mr. Anil Bhandari, President, CEEAMA; set the tone of the event with his thoughts on importance of such factory visits & Siemens presence in Industry over multiple decades. The visit began with a showcase tour to low voltage switchgear digital factory. Mr. Karunakararaju Vysyaraju, Process Planning & Industrial Engineering Manager and Mr. Sanjay Bhopatkar, Production Manager carried out factory tour and illustrated how Siemens switchgear products are manufactured with a very high degree of precision and quality that can be achieved only through digitalization. It was indeed a fascinating experience to watch the various machines work in tandem to produce about 180 variants at the rate of one product every 9 seconds.

The factory tour also included visit to the Siemens state of the art low voltage R&D Lab and test center & switchgear final assembly shop. Mr. Titus Basil, Research professional at R&D Lab demonstrated series of tests that each Siemens LV switchgear product goes through to achieve the remarkable quality and conformity to applicable Indian & International standards.

Mr. Gautam Shetye, Products & Solutions Development Team Leader at final assembly shop explained highly organized process for component selection and assembly of breakers. The team also got a chance to witness the various stringent tests conducted on breakers for its outstanding quality before its final dispatch to customers.

Along with factory tour, Siemens had organized knowledge sharing sessions on medium voltage & low voltage switchgear products. Mr. Shreyas Pitale and Mr. Rajagopalan from Siemens medium voltage team; shared thoughts on MV products like Compact substation, Air insulated switchgear & Gas insulated switchgear. Mr. Yogesh Prabhu & Mr. Prasad Adiwarekar from Siemens low voltage business development team, shared information on basics of low voltage switchgear followed by new updates in Siemens low voltage switchgear products & solutions.

This was followed up by an interactive Q&A session where the participation by the CEEMA members was exquisite. Also, Siemens team had handled each and every question with detailed technical explanation.

Mr. Muralidharan Prakash, Technical sales & support Manager concluded the session with a thank you note & applauded CEEAMA for this opportunity. Mr. Prakash added that, Siemens will always look forward keenly to organize similar events in future. Mr. Anil Bhandari, President, CEEAMA concluded the session with a closing speech and appreciated Siemens for such wonderful technology day. Also, he invited to Siemens to actively participate in CEEAMA future events including the new initiative of CEEAMA E-News.