Knowledge and awareness regarding electrical safety, energy saving and conservation, environmental concerns and optimum use of resources are some of the key burning issues which need to be addressed for the benefit of the mankind. In order to carry this message forward, CEEAMA has set following objectives:

  • To bring all Consulting Electrical Engineers on a common platform.
  • Disseminating information, spreading knowledge and awareness regarding environment, energy savings, conservation, optimum use and safety while designing and specifying.
  • To coordinate with Regulatory and Statutory bodies.
  • Become a major link between manufacturers / suppliers / clients.
  • To keep members updated on the latest products / technology

In order to meet its Aims and Objectives, CEEAMA undertake following activities:

  • Spread awareness about Safety and Quality in Electrical Installations through good designs
  • Promote Good Quality Products in projects with the help of Manufactures
  • Skill Development for Contractors and engineers with consultant members.
  • Organize Exhibition, Seminars, Conferences, Factory Visits and Webinars to assess the Manufacturers’ Capabilities, Quality Control, Machinery and Testing Facilities.
  • Organize CEEAMATECH– a biannual Exhibition of electrical products and Biannual Theme Based Conference
  • Organize technical seminars not only for its Members but for educating young new engineers by inviting leading professionals.
  • Organize technical seminars and meetings not only in major cities like Pune, Nasik, Sangli, Kolhapur Nagpur etc.
  • Take efforts to establish CEEAMA Chapters in various cities within Maharashtra and other States.
  • Organize Round Table Discussions on Topics related to Electrical Engineering and Technology Developments.
  • Publish CEEAMA NEWS every month with active participation of Members and Associate Members.