CEEAMA membership is open to all consulting electrical engineers and working electrical engineering professionals from other sectors. Membership categories of the Association are divided into five major categories as follows:

  • Honorary Patron Member
  • Life Fellow Member
  • Patron Member
  • Institutional Member
  • Associate Member

All membership Categories will be at the discretion of the Governing Council. There is a special category "Student Membership", For details please connect with admin@ceeama.org

Honorary Patron Member:

  • In exceptional cases, prominent individuals of high standing and repute in the electrical profession may be elected Honorary Member of the Association. However, at any time the total member number of Honorary Members shall not exceed Five.
  • For a person to be a Honorary Member, he/she should be:
    Practicing or retired Electrical Engineer of repute. He should/ may have published paper/ articles on Electrical Engineering.
    He may have received award from recognized bodies.
    He may have done research on Electrical Engineering subject.
    He may have contributed to the field of Electrical education.
    He may have contributed to the betterment of the society at large.
  • By awarding him/her designation as Honorary Member the Association recognize his/her contribution and achievements in Electrical field/Society.
  • Names of candidates may be nominated by at least three voting members.Governing Council will begin formal process of selection process thereafter.

Life Fellow Member :

Every applicant for membership of the Association shall satisfy the Governing Council that:

  • He should be qualified minimum Diploma in Electrical Engineering.
  • He is in the profession of Consulting Electrical Engineering for not less than three years, practicing individually or as partner or employee of a firm of Consulting Engineers,
  • He has retired from the engineering profession from the position of high responsibility and has been practicing as Consulting Electrical Engineer for not less than two years.

Patron Member :

Every applicant for membership of the Association shall satisfy the Governing Council that:

  • He should be qualified minimum Diploma in Electrical Engineering.
  • He is a Corporate Member of any recognized professional engineering society in India or Abroad.

The Governing Council shall have the power to elect as a member of the Association an engineer who does not have the qualification as specified in the opinion of the Governing Council, he has adequate experience and maturity as a Consulting Electrical Engineer.

Members shall have no voting power.

Institutional Member :

  • Every applicant for Institutional Member shall satisfy the Governing Council that the Organization is in practice of Engineering profession for not less than five years offering services in power/electrical engineering field.
  • They can nominate one member only with an alternate. However, there shall be one voting right only.

Associate Member :

Engineering/ Construction Firms engaged in execution of major electrical work or manufacturing of Electrical products for not less than five years with a turnover of not less than Rupees Ten Crore may be admitted as a member at the discretion of the Governing Council without any voting rights.

Every member binds himself to abide by these Articles and by any alteration or modification thereof that may be made in conformity with the Act for the time being in force.

Aspiring members are requested to fill in Application form complete in all respect alongwith relevant documents to be uploaded on the website.

For Life Fellow / Patron /Honorary Patron Member :

  • Educational Profile including copies of qualifying certificates
  • Note on Experience/ Consultants Profile
  • Requisite fee for admission/registration / onetime fee as applicable and service tax
  • LFM/Patron Membership form
  • Payment details along with GST No.

For Associate Members / Institutional Member :

  • Associate membership form
  • Last three years Balance sheet(Audited Report)
  • Companys Profile
  • Payment details along with GST No.

Kindly note that applicable service tax rates are changing and the rates given in application form may not be applicable at the time you are applying. Applicable rates may be confirmed by sending a mail to the members,

Detail criteria for membership are available in Article of Association (AOA) and its amendment. Interested applicants are requested to go through it while making request for membership.

The admission of a member and in a particular category will be at discretion of CEEAMA governing council. Applicants are requested to fill in application form complete in all respect and upload relevant documents on the website. The applicable fees to be transferred thru NEFT.

The applications once received will undergo scrutiny by CEEAMA governing council and membership committee. The final decision along with a unique membership number and membership certificate will be issued. This confirms official admission of member and the entire procedure may take 15 to 30 days from receipt of the application. During this period the applicant may receive some communication from CEEAMA if any additional information is required to complete the formalities.

CEEAMA governing council appeals all electrical engineering professionals to join the organization for better experience sharing and for betterment of electrical engineering fraternity.